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Fashion Art
On this page you will see some of my fashion design ideas. I try to bring my love of abstract art into my designs. I love to create very modern, extraordinary, and unique designs for each dancer. In life we are all different and it is the same on the dance floor. Every couple tries to create their own special dance image through their dance movement and costume. Through many years of experience as a professional dancer and designer I learned the importance of how we present ourselves on the dance floor. When you choose a design for your dress you have to be very careful that it fits:
  • Your Body Type
  • Your Personality
  • What type of image you want to create on the dance floor (Romantic, Dramatic, Sexy ...)
You have to remember that the right dress can make you look amazing on the dance floor and have everyone talking about you. It will help you to achieve your goals in your dance career. I offer you my knowledge and experience as a professional dancer and designer/artist to help you make the right choices.





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