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Natasha Russu

Natasha is a professional fashion designer who brings her experience as a dance champion and her artistic talents to her designs to create truly one of a kind dresses. She has over 20 years of experience designing dance fashion for high level competitive ballroom dancers including Karina Smirnoff, five time US National Champion (currently appearing on the popular TV show "Dancing with the Stars"). Natasha works hard to create fashion works of art that are perfectly suited to each of her customers.


"Natasha designed and created my green American Smooth dress this year, and I've enjoyed wearing it to Pro/Am competitions around the country. The intricate stone work design by Natasha on the side of my dress is beautiful. This dress has given me lots of confidence each time I wear it. Natasha is a truly gifted designer."


"Natasha has created five dresses for me and I love every one of them. When I perform or compete in one of her dresses my confidence soars, I feel that I dance at my best, and I always get allot of attention and many compliments. Natasha is very creative and genuinely cares about her customers. I'm always pleasantly surprised the first time I see a dress that Natasha has completed for me."

Anna Cortes

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"Designer dance dresses are for everyone"

No matter what your budget a custom dance dress is always your best option

I have been around competitive Ballroom Dancing all of my life and I always cringe when I see someone buy an off the rack dress for $300. These dresses appear to be a good value and may actually look good from a distance, but their designs are uninspired and they are made using low quality materials and low cost production methods. The reason that I cringe is that it can actually be cheaper to buy a custom designed dance dress. If you bear with me I will show you the truth of what I'm saying.

Ballroom dress created as a design showcase to demonstrate design possibilities and the quality of my finished product

To understand why it can be cheaper you have to understand what goes into a custom dress, so let me begin by describing my design and production process. When I create a dress I start by getting your measurements and looking at your figure. Then we have a detailed discussion about your goals for the dress. Is it for social events, competitions, or both? What style of dance will you be performing? What emotions are you trying to project to your audience? Armed with this information I go to work using my expertise with color and design to come up with the perfect concept for your body type that meets the goals we discussed. I will then render a detailed drawing of the design concept for your approval.

Smooth dress designed for Pro/Am Competitor Daniella

Once I have your approval my team and I will go to work on your dress. I will use the highest quality materials including fabrics from Chrisanne and Swarovski Stones. Everything will be hand sewn using the highest quality equipment and techniques. All stones will be glued on by hand with just the right amount of glue so that the stones will stay on but you will never see any glue residue. The entire team is very detail oriented and focused on making everything absolutely perfect. During the process you will be asked to come in for a fitting twice and your dress will be finished within a week after we start. The process from start to finish is typically between 7 to 30 days depending on how many orders we have and how available you are to come in for fittings.

Ballroom gown designed for a two time
World Pro/Am Smooth Champion

Your finished dress will be a thing of beauty and a true work of art. You will be amazed at how you look on the dance floor and how confident you will feel. You will be surprised at all the attention you get and by the flood of compliments you receive.

I needed you to understand what goes into a dress like this so that you will believe me when I tell you that your dress will be in high demand and will retain it's value. When you are ready for a new dress you will be able to sell your dress for up to 75% of what you paid for it. In fact we will even help you sell it by taking it on consignment and offering it for sale on this Website and at competitions where we are a vendor.

If you do the math you will find my original claim, that a custom dress can be cheaper than one off the rack, is absolutely true. You can buy a $300 dress off the rack that will be practically worthless when you are done with it, or you can by a $450 high quality custom dress made especially for you that will be worth at least $225 when you are ready to sell it. $450 - $225, that is $225 for a custom dress verses $300 for a dress off the rack. Amazing but true: A custom designed dress can be cheaper than one off the rack, and a whole lot more rewarding.

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